With the successful soft launch of E2TradingCards, we want to give back! We want to provide initial seed funding of up to $600USD of Happener / E2tradingcards funds distributed to assist you in your Earth 2 related project. 


We will not cover the full project, so you will need to rally community support! 


We assist you in releasing your project on our E2TradingCard platform as a token community-funded project. We will mint between 50 - 200 tokens and distribute 100% (all) of the tokens to your WAX wallet. You can then list and sell these tokens under the E2Card banner at a predetermined price to reach your target goal. The Happener & E2tradingcard fund will then purchase a number of these tokens to kick start your project (instant WAX to you).

So you can rally support around your community-funded project, you need to be creative in what these tokens can do for your supporters. 


Crowdfund of building Earth2s largest Stadium ($1000 tile and 3d artwork cost).

Releases 200 tokens @ $5ea. You might choose to offer supporters that hold 5 tokens have free entry to the stadium for life, or, 10 + tokens special box seats in phase three. Get creative! The tokens need to show value in your idea.

You need to show progress to the community that funds are being spent in E2 or at the least on E2 promotional videos (3d art of stadium etc).

Example token.png

What is in it for you?

- Up to $600 USD in seed funding.

- Listed on the E2tradingcard Account (maximum exposure). 

What is required?

You will need an established following (Discord or social media).

- You will need to be able to provide updates on your progress with the project within our Discord server.

- You need originality, the stadium idea above is an example (we dislike copycats). 

- We will design the token - it will be basic but serve its purpose. 

What is in it for us?

- We get to give back to the community.

- We get to give back to E2 (even if it is only in a small way)

- 10% revenue from token trades allows us to support more E2 community projects in the future. 

Please note: Any trading of E2 tiles or in-game essence in the future can NOT be run through the Happener Token exchange. 

An example would be: Buy our token and we will give you some tiles: these transactions are to be completed in E2 only. This programme is designed to fund mega projects in E2. 

Please contact us to apply.