Each card is only minted 200 times which means there will only ever be 200 of each card in existence. 

When released, out of the 200 cards available the cards are priced as the following,

20 - 30 cards at $1

20 - 30 cards at $3

20 - 30 cards at $5

20 - 30 cards at $10

20 - 30 cards at $20 

The remaining cards are given away (check our discord) to community members or members of the card's origin (example, city cards - 40 cards given directly to the founder of the city for them to keep or distribute). 

The creeping price model allows the players to purchase cards at $1 and resell at a higher price as we are closer to selling out of the 200 minted cards.

When searching for cards to buy, use the sort by (lowest) price on Atomic HUB marketplace.